Daughter In High School And Going To A Spring Dance? Tips To Make Her Feel Special

Posted on: 13 March 2017


If you have a daughter that is in high school and she is going to a spring dance, this can be very exciting for her. You can add to this excitement by making this day a special one. There are many things you can do for this, two of which are listed below.


Take your daughter to a nail salon to have her nails done. This will make your daughter feel special and you could also do this for you while yourself are there. During the pedicure, the nail technician will first start out soaking your daughter's feet and remove any polish that may be on her toenails. Your daughter will then remove her feet from the water and the nail technician will start scrubbing each of her feet with a foot file while your daughter's feet are still damp. The nail technician will focus on rough areas of your daughter's feet to smooth them out. Your daughter can then ask the nail technician to paint her toenails, if she prefers.

The nail technician can then do your daughter's nails. The technician will start out by scrubbing the nails with a special tool to get them smooth. A nail file is used to shape the nails, and then the technician will do your daughter's cuticles. When finished, the nail technician can put acrylic nails on your daughter's nails. Your daughter can choose soft gel to extend her nails. The manicurist can go over these options with your daughter so she can decide what she wants.

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Once the nails are done, take your daughter to a hair stylist to get her hair done if she wants a haircut. If your daughter does not need a haircut, you can take her to a hair stylist on the day of the dance so the stylist can style your daughter's hair. A stylist can do just about anything with your daughter's hair from adding beautiful curls to straightening curly hair. The stylist can also add hair extensions, if your daughter would like this, to create a completely different look for her. The hair extensions could be a different color of her hair to make it look unique.

The hair stylist likely has a book full of pictures of different hair styles so your daughter can choose one.

This will be a special time for your daughter and she will never forget this day with you.