3 Things To Know About Hair Blow Drying Services

Posted on: 26 April 2018


Whether you have a big night out, an event to attend, or you simply just want your hair to look its best for a few days, professional hair blowing and drying services can help. Hair blow drying services, often referred to as blow outs, are offered by most salons and can give you great hair for days. Hair blow drying done by a professional will give you results that are different than what you can get at home. Here are three things that you should know about hair blow drying services.

You Can Get a Variety of Results

When it comes to blow outs, it's not all one size fits all. The traditional blow out involves using the blow dryer to smooth out your hair leaving a little bit of curl at the ends. Today's blow outs offer far more options than that. If you have curls or texture in your hair, it's possible to get a blow out that maintains this texture. Your stylist can give you the your hair but better treatment. If you are looking for very straight hair, it's also possible to get these results with a blow dryer as well. 

How Long the Results Last

How long the results of a blow out last will depend on your particular hair. On average, most people find that they do not have to wash their hair for somewhere between 3 and 6 days. With hair and dry shampoo, you may even be able to extend your blow out past the one week mark. The average blow out also takes between 35 and 45 minutes to complete. However, it may take less time or more time if you have short or very long hair. 

The Cost of these Services

Hair blow drying services can range in price depending on a variety of factors. If you have long hair or a lot of curls, you may end up paying a little extra. Prices can also vary from salon to salon. On average, costs range from $80 to $130 for professional hair drying services. A shampooing and conditioner is included in the price and often a deep conditioning treatment is included. Your stylist may also choose to set your blow out with hair spray or other hair products.

When it comes to hair blow drying services, there are a few things you should know. These services work for a variety of hair lengths and textures and you can go for a smooth or a textured look. The results of the blow out itself can last for days or even upwards of a week. Costs can vary depending on the salon, your hair length, and your hair texture Contact a salon, like Detour Salon & Detour The Store, for more help.