Laser Skin Resurfacing Can Treat Your Acne Scars

Posted on: 2 May 2019


Acne and the blemishes these awful bumps leave behind are often viewed as a part of life by many people. However, just as there are measures you can take to help reduce your breakouts, laser skin resurfacing is a blemish-fighting measure that acne-sufferers can take. Learn about this treatment and how it might help you.


Laser skin resurfacing is a specialized treatment that directs bursts of pulsating light beams on your skin to gently remove the outermost, dead layers. As the laser beam makes contact with the skin, it targets the dead cells and vaporizes them. While the overall goal of the treatment is the same for each person, the technician can make adjustments to the intensity of the laser based on your complexion and severity of the blemishes you have. 


First and foremost, laser skin resurfacing can help you achieve a blemish-free look that is permanent, provided you don't have any new acne outbreaks occur. However, the skin goes through somewhat of a life cycle, in that once the old, dead skin layers are removed, the skin will naturally start to increase collagen production to produce and reveal new skin cells. Not only will your newly revealed skin layers be blemish-free but also firmer with a smoother appearance. 


There are some instances when an in-depth discussion with a technician is best to determine if the treatment is right. For example, if you have a history of fever blisters, you might run into complications with the surgery, as the lasers can trigger a blister outbreak. If you have a very dark complexion, this option might also not be right for you. Lasers and highly pigmented skin don't mesh well and often lead to intensive scaring. 


To get the most from your resurfacing treatment, work hard to control your breakouts, as new acne outbreaks will open the door to more acne scars. You should also ensure you apply sunscreen to your skin after the treatment. The newly exposed layers of your skin will be especially susceptible to sun damage, so going without protection will put your skin at risk and possibly lead to new scars. You should continue to apply sunscreen to your face even after your skin has healed from the treatment. 

Laser skin resurfacing can offer you long-term benefits against your years of acne scarring. Reach out to a professional technician to learn about this procedure and the many benefits it can afford.