3 Tips To Taking The Best Care Of Your 3D Mink Eyelashes

Posted on: 25 July 2019


If you don't like the length or look of your eyelashes, you can enhance your natural eyelashes with mink eyelashes. These temporary eyelashes allow you to change the appearance of your eyes. Mink eyelashes are one of the more expensive types of temporary, or fake, eyelashes you can purchase, which is why you need to understand how to take care of them properly!

Enjoy the Natural Appearance

Mink eyelashes are of high quality. However, they can also be easily damaged, especially by water. That is why it is best to enjoy your eyelashes in their most natural state. Adding mascara to your mink eyelashes, even waterproof mascara, can damage the hair that your fake eyelashes are made out of. Don't apply mascara to your mink eyelashes.

If you really want to wear some mascara, you can apply some mascara to your natural eyelashes before you put the mink lashes on.  

Be Careful with Chemicals & Oils

You need to be careful with the products you use around and on your mink lashes. Do not allow your regular make-up remover to come into contact with your fake lashes. Your mink lashes will be ruined by the oils and chemicals inside of your make-up remover. The oils and chemicals will take away the shine and cause your mink eyelashes to lose the curl and definition that they have.

Using make-up remover will also render the glue you use to put your mink eyelashes on ineffective. You may not be able to put on your mink lashes if you have make-up remover residue, or any other oil-based residue, on your eyes.

Carefully Clean Your Lashes

After you remove your lashes, you should carefully clean them in between each application. To clean your lashes, place them on a paper towel on the countertop. Then, take a q-tip and get the tip wet with some warm water. Take the wet q-tip and roll it across your lashes. This is all you need to do to clean your mink lashes. Do not use any chemicals or make-up removers on them.

Mink eyelashes can help enhance the appearance of your eyes. Keep other chemicals and oils away from your mink eyelashes, including mascara. When you need to clean your mink eyelashes, a little warm water is all you need. Mink eyelashes can be a great addition to your make-up routine if you treat them correctly. They will enhance the appearance of your eyes and offer you a fun way to change up your appearance.

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