3 Things To Talk To Your Hair Stylist About

Posted on: 16 December 2019


Your hair is your crown, so undoubtedly, you want your hair to look great. Well, so does your hairstylist. However, to go about this goal, your hairstylist does need to know a little about your lifestyle. 

1. Haircare Regimen

Your stylist needs to know what your hair care regimen at home looks like. For example, are you a person who barely has time to shampoo your hair or are you someone who shampoos, conditions, and performs treatments on your hair on a regular basis? This information can help your stylist learn more about what type of services you will need when you visit the salon to ensure your hair is healthy. 

For example, if you perform regular treatments on your hair at home, you might be able to skip some of them at the salon since your hair likely has many of the nutrients it needs. Your regimen can also help your stylist let you know around how long your style might last. 

2. Sleeping Habits

How you sleep is another important factor when it comes to your hair care. If you've ever awakened with a severe case of bedhead, just know that it had everything to do with the way you slept. Your stylist wants to know about your sleeping habits so that they can learn more about what type of cuts or styles might work best. 

For example, if you rotate a lot during your sleep, you don't want to prep your hair at night, and if you don't want to spend a lot of time styling in the morning, long hair might not work well. A shorter cut is generally better in this instance. 

3. Exercise Routine

If you're a gym enthusiast, your stylist needs to know this information. If you're giving it all you have in the gym, you're going to sweat, and some of this sweat will end up in your hair. Sweat can be incredibly drying to the hair given its salt content. 

If your hair is color-treated, excessively dry hair will increase your risk for breakage, so your stylist will tell you how to take extra steps to protect your hair. This information is also important when it comes to styling, especially for people with curly hair. For a person who exercises regularly and has curly hair, a straight style won't last very long.

When it comes to communication with your stylist, always keep the line open. Share and exchange information to ensure your hair gets just what it needs. 

For more information, contact a hair salon near you.