Prepare Your Hair For Braiding

Posted on: 17 January 2022


Braids are a low-maintenance, protection-packed option for people with kinky or coily hair. However, while braids are nearly effortless in terms of their upkeep, to keep your hair healthy while wearing the style, you should prepare your hair for braiding.

Let Your Hair Loose

The weeks leading up to your hair braiding appointment are a good time to let your hair be free. You should try not to wear any overly tight styles so that you do not cause unnecessary tension around your hairline. If your strands are already stressed, even loose braids can tug at your strands and cause them to weaken, and possibly fall out. Twist-outs, a wash and go, and blowouts are all great style options to try.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo

When you wash your hair before your hair is braided, use a clarifying shampoo. To avoid irritation, limit dryness, and minimize itching, your scalp should be clean and free of product buildup. Clarifying shampoos are ideal for this goal because they do a good job of removing residue from your scalp and hair, so they achieve a cleaner finish. You want your hair and scalp as clean as possible, so it is best to wash your hair the day before or the day of your appointment.

Perform a Deep Condition

After your shampoo, take the extra time to perform a deep condition. With most styles, you will not be able to add moisture to the hair while the braids are in, such as with washing or applying a moisturizer. A deep conditioner is an excellent way to add extra moisture to your hair so that it does not get overly dry. Deep conditioners also give your hair added nutrients, which can increase growth while the braids are installed. 

Detangle Beforehand

You should also detangle your hair before the appointment. This step is important if you have tightly coiled hair, and you want to minimize breakage. A great option for detangling is to also use a detangling shampoo, and after the conditioner application, while the hair is still wet, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently glide through your strands and remove any knots. You should then loosely twist the hair before it dries so that your curls do not spiral around each other and re-tangle.

To keep your hair as healthy as possible, follow the above-mentioned tips as well as any other advice from your hair braiding professional.