Revitalize The Color Of Your Hair

Posted on: 6 January 2023


Natural growth, environmental factors, and the excessive use of hair styling products can have a bearing on the color of your locks. A hair color retouch treatment process will lengthen the time needed between full-service hair coloring applications that involve dying your entire head of hair.

Root Touchups And Complementary Services

A root touchup process is one of the services offered at a salon. A touchup will conceal new growth. If you previously had your hair dyed at a salon, there is a good chance that the actual color that was used on your hair was recorded and filed at the time of your appointment. The recording process makes it simple for a stylist to match your hair color with a dye agent that will be suited for the regrowth.

The root touchup process involves brushing a permanent dye onto the parts of your hair that are growing the closest to your scalp. A root touchup process can be part of a complete pampering session. You can request to have your hair shampooed, conditioned, and touched up during a salon appointment. If your hair will be touched up at a full-service salon, you may want to seek a pedicure, a manicure, and a facial too. These additional services, paired with the touchup process, will ensure that you look your best when you step out of the salon.

Targeted Color And Care Strategies

During your appointment at a salon, a beautician will take note of the length of your hair and any inconsistencies in the color. Although regrowth won't be an issue along the lower ends of your hair, some of the strands may show subtle changes in the color of your locks. For instance, if you have spent a lot of time in the sun, the sun's rays may have stripped your hair of its natural color.

Brassy tones that are present along the ends of your hair could negatively affect your appearance. A beautician may use a clarifying product to remove residue from the length of your hair. Next, they may use a coloring agent to add a subtle amount of color to the strands that are discolored. A beautician will use the same color-matching process to treat the ends as they do when touching up your roots. They will apply the hair dye carefully, preventing it from coating parts of your hair that have not become discolored.

For more information on hair color retouch treatment, contact a professional near you.